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✓ Access to your TransUnion credit report & credit score history

✓ Guidance on how to improve your credit score

✓ Email alerts when a change is posted on your credit report to

help you identify potential fraud


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What's In Your Credit Report

Your credit report is a snapshot of your financial life which can show all of your credit cards, loans, payment history, and outstanding debt you may have.


A credit report is a way to understand your overall financial health and includes any foreclosures or bankruptcy filings.


Credit reports can also contain personally identifiable information like your name and address - as well as a list of any company that has requested your credit history.

Free Credit Report
Credit Score History

Why Your Credit Report Matters

Credit reports pull data from many different sources to help lenders understand how responsibly you use credit.


With this information in hand, lenders then offer you loans, credit cards and other financial products customized to your credit habits.


The stronger your credit history, the more options you can have in the financial marketplace - and the better your terms can be.

How to Get Your Credit Report from American Express® MyCredit Guide

Getting your credit report with MyCredit Guide is easy and free!


Simply create a MyCredit Guide account to view your VantageScore 3.0® by TransUnion®, identify which activities (like getting a new credit card) may change your score and receive alerts when your credit report is updated.


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