Check Your Spending Power

Find out instantly if a large purchase can be approved








American Express® Card Members have access to tools that make it easy to manage their finances and plan ahead. The Check Spending Power tool is available to help give Card Members peace of mind by confirming in advance if a charge can be approved.*


Simply enter the dollar amount you plan to spend and find out immediately if it will be approved. Equipped with this information, you can make purchases confidently. 




1. Enter expected purchase amount 



2. Get an instant decision 


Whether you check your Spending Power on or in the Amex Mobile app**, we limit the number of daily requests to help prevent fraud on your account. We will not make a credit inquiry when evaluating your request, so using the tool will not affect your credit score.


If you do not already have an Online Account, get started now.





*Approval based on account status at the time of request

**Available for iPhone 10.0+ and Android 5.0+ devices only