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Put a dent in your bucket list this year

Picture yourself finally climbing the ruins of Machu Picchu, touching the ocean floor of a Caribbean island, or enjoying a romantic meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Bucket-list experiences often get pushed off and left untouched on a “someday" list, but that doesn't have to be the case. Make this the year you put a dent in your bucket list!


By creating a plan, you could cross a "someday" item or two off your list by the end of the year — or at least get the ball rolling for a truly memorable experience you've always dreamt of.

What's on your list?

If you've never sat down and written out a bucket list, give it a try. No item is too small! Making pasta from scratch deserves a spot, just as much as traveling the world. Maybe learning a foreign language or raising a family someday are important to you. Add these experiences to your bucket list.


Now, narrow in on a few of the items that seem simplest to achieve and use the following steps to eliminate what's stopping you: is it a lack of time, money, or access, or maybe a combination of all three?

STEP 1: Set your priorities.

When time's an issue, scheduling far in advance helps. Ask for vacation days off work or arrange for a sitter — do whatever needs to be done to give you the time to accomplish what's most important to you.


Be realistic about what you can accomplish this year. If life is truly too hectic to take time away, maybe there are less time-intensive items you can focus on right now.

Schedule your trips

STEP 2: Make every dollar count.

Save more and enjoy every bit of it

When finances get in the way, grow your savings and learn how to make each dollar go further.


Increasing your savings can often mean changing your habits. If you don't budget, tracking your purchases can help you identify everyday savings opportunities. The Amex Mobile Appallows you to sign up for regular spending alerts and can help you stay in control by monitoring your purchases on the go.


When you do make purchases, using a rewards or travel credit card can help you earn rewards on your everyday purchases.


By finding ways to lower the cost of your bucket list items, you can ease some of the pressure of trying to earn or save money. For instance, if you plan on traveling, book a trip during the less expensive off-seasons; or redeem points and use them towards the cost of flights, hotels, and rental cars.

STEP 3: Turn dreams into reality.

Maybe you'd like to meet a famous chef or go behind the scenes at a world-class event. While time and money can help make this happen, gaining access to exclusive entertainment and ticketed experiences isn't always easy.


The Platinum Card® from American Express includes access to the Global Dining Collection, which holds reservations at renowned restaurants from around the world. Card benefits also include the By Invitation Only® program, which offers access to exclusive events and experiences. Plus there's the dedicated Concierge Service available 24/7 which can help make special arrangements and reservations on your behalf.

Do what you dreamt of

Most people have a bucket list of "someday" experiences. By prioritizing and planning ahead, you can take a strategic approach to your finances and turn your someday into today.

Take action! Make this the year your bucket list gets a little lighter with the help of 
American Express Reward and Travel Cards.

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