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Credit Tips For Account Use

Learn how to have good credit with proper credit card practices

Interested in improving or maintaining your credit? American Express offers credit card advice to help better manage your spending and debt. Take advantage of the credit card tips below to adjust your card use and boost your credit score.

Always pay bills on time

Making timely payments is an important factor in maintaining good credit. Late payments can result in declined services at the point of sale, late fees, penalty APRs or a credit limit reduction. Accounts that are seriously delinquent may be reported to the credit bureaus and can be canceled and sent to collections.

To help you manage your account and avoid missing your Card payment due date, American Express offers several free tools:


  • Online or phone 24/7 bill pay – Log in to your account online or call 1-800-I-PAY-AXP (1-800-472-9297).
  • AutoPay – Have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account each month.
  • Account alerts – Get email or text alerts when your payment due date is approaching or when you are approaching your credit limit.
  • Mobile services – View and manage your Card account from anywhere.

Avoid Penalty APRs

Penalty or default APRs are penalty interest rates that may be imposed when you fail to follow the terms and conditions associated with your card. Once your rate goes to a default rate, it will stay at a default rate for a minimum of 6 months. A credit card tip to keep your APRs from increasing to a penalty interest rate is to set automatic payments so you always pay your bill on time and to keep funds in your bank account to ensure those payments are not returned due to insufficient funds.


While it is important to manage all of your credit card accounts prudently, American Express will not raise your APR or assess fees if you have made late payments with other credit card issuers.

Keep Contact Information Up To Date

It may sound like simple credit card advice, but if you maintain your contact information you will ensure bills are received on time. You should also make sure you tell your card issuer if you plan to use your Card in any way that differs from your normal routine, such as making a larger-than-normal purchase. Additionally, notify your credit card issuer when you’ll be traveling abroad so they expect foreign charges on your account. This credit card tip can help you avoid having your card shut down, as well as help prevent any penalties from fraudulent use.

To update your contact information with American Express, call the number on the back of your Card or log in to your account online and visit the Account Services section.

Review Your Charges at Least Once a Month

One of the easiest ways to have good credit with a credit card is to make sure there are no errors or unauthorized charges. Review your account regularly online and if you do find anything out of the ordinary, report it as soon as possible.

Immediately Report a Lost or Stolen Card

American Express does not hold Cardmembers liable for the unauthorized use of credit cards. Still, a good credit tip is to call and report a lost or stolen card as soon as you notice it missing. To ensure you have the appropriate credit card  service number when you need it, memorize your account number and keep the customer service number in a safe place (other than your wallet) where you can access it if the card is missing.


If you do not have the specific customer service number associated with your card, you can call 1-800-528-4800. For more information about how to identify or prevent card fraud, visit the American Express Security Center.