Managing a Dispute Case

You must respond to a dispute by the "reply-by" date shown in your tool. If you cannot prove the validity of the charge by the reply-by date, a Chargeback will be issued to your account. You can view your Chargebacks online. 


Once you click into a specific case, you will see the case number at the top of the page with the ability to print the details of the case. To return to the Disputes Summary Table, use the "Back" button within the page instead of the back button on your browser.

Screenshot of case-level options to print, go back, or respond to the dispute

Within each case detail page, you can quickly see the dispute details, including: 


  • Status (your next action related to the dispute)
  • Disputes Amount
  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Date
  • Reason and Code
  • Case Type
  • Dispute Type
  • Days left to respond
  • Any notes from American Express

You can also view the specific details of the dispute's timeline.


Screenshot of dispute timeline details

Click on the "View Timeline Details" to show an expanded timeline view.

At both the top and bottom of your case detail page, your next action will be displayed as a button. If you have not yet responded to a dispute, the button text will read "Respond to this Dispute."

Screenshot of the respond to this dispute button

When you click on "Respond to this Dispute" a modal will appear asking how you would like to respond to the dispute. You will choose one of the following responses: 


  • I do not agree with the Card Member or I already issued a refund.
  • I agree with the Card Member and I would like to provide a full refund.

Once your selection is made, you can continue or cancel the response.



Screenshot of two options once clicking on the Respond to this Dispute button

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