Why Manage Disputes Online?

The benefits of managing Disputes online


It's fast and easy. Using the online Disputes tool on our website allows you to quickly and easily respond to Cardmember disputes. You can immediately see all open and urgent Disputes for all your business locations, upload any documents you need, and even respond online. 


Why resolve online? 


It's fast, simple, and it can help you avoid 'no-reply' Chargebacks. Use the online Disputes tool and you can: 

  • Receive email notifications whenever you have new, undated, or urgent disputes

  • See all disputes in a central place - instead of in numerous letters 

  • Respond online without having to use email 

  • Track the status of disputes throughout the entire process

What are Disputes and Chargebacks? 


When a Card Member contacts American Express to question a charge on their card, it's called a dispute. Information about each dispute will appear in your online Disputes tool.


Common Disputes: 

  • The Cardmember does not remember making the purchase

  • An error in billing 

  • The product/service order was cancelled or not recieved

  • The product was returned

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