Explore the Payments Default View

Within the Payments tab, you have the ability to view: 


Settlements - Paid and pending settlement information for your chosen date range.

Submissions -  A clear view of all the submissions you have made to American Express.

Transactions - A look at all of your American Express transactions (sales and credits) that have been received by American Express.

Adjustments & Chargebacks - A list of all your chargeback and other adjustments that have been applied to your submissions.

Statements & Reports - Download monthly and annual E-Statements and custom reports. Save customizable reports as templated and schedule regular downloads in your Report Library.

More Options Tab

  • Acitivity Types
  • Authorization Requests
  • Authorization Integrity Fee
  • Other Activity 
  • Gross Pay Debits

Note: For newly enrolled users, payments data will be available within four hours.

Screenshot of Payments Navigation

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