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Online Travelers Cheques Redemption : Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a fee to redeem my Travelers Cheques online?

No, we do not charge a fee for this service.


How long will it take to redeem my Travelers Cheques online?

We will usually process your claim and initiate the payment in 3-5 business days from the date you submit your Travelers Cheques redemption claim online. There is likely to be a delay if we have to contact you with questions regarding your claim or to request additional information.


What exchange rate will I get for “cross-currency” payments, e.g. my Travelers Cheques are in USD, but I live in Australia?

Our exchange rates for foreign currency payments made by American Express are based on interbank rates selected from customary industry sources plus 2.5% margin on the business day the payment is processed. We call this conversion rate the 'American Express Travelers Cheque Settlement Rate'.


Cross-currency transactions are triangulated via U.S. Dollars: e.g. if Travelers Cheques in Euro are to be paid in Pounds Sterling, the Euro amount will be converted using the American Express Travelers Cheque Settlement Rate into U.S Dollars and the U.S Dollar amount converted into Pounds Sterling on the day the refund payment is processed.


Is there a limit to the value of Travelers Cheques that I can redeem online?

You can redeem your Travelers Cheques via this service for up to USD 1,000 or equivalent value only. For amount greater than USD 1,000 or equivalent value please call our Customer Service Center.


Which currencies of Travelers Cheques can I redeem?

You can redeem your Travelers Cheques in the following currencies: USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, and JPY. To redeem Travelers Cheques in other currencies please call our Customer Service Center.


Which currencies can I receive payment in?

Payment for your Travelers Cheques redemption claim can only be made in USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, and JPY. For payment in any other currencies please call our Customer Service Center.


Do I need to provide any supporting documents?

In some cases, we may need to ask for extra documentation to help us establish the validity of the request. This may include an ID proof (Social Security Number, Driver's License or Passport copy), copy of voided Travelers Cheques and/or Purchase receipt (proof of purchase). In some instances, we may also ask for original Travelers Cheques to be sent to us.


Will you be capturing personal information?

Yes. Your personal information will only be used in connection with this claim and for no other purpose. For more information about how we use your data please refer to our Privacy Statement.


Do I need to send my Travelers Cheques to American Express?

We will sometimes ask for proof of the Travelers Cheques. Please note that after you initiate a claim online, the Travelers Cheques are unusable. In some circumstances, we may request that you send us the original Travelers Cheques before we process your claim.