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Smart Travel Tips & Resources

Ideas to help you save money and time when traveling.

The key to packing like a pro begins with a vacation packing checklist. These tips can help you stay organized and decide what to – and not to – bring on your next trip.

If you’re going to use a credit card on an international trip, you might be wondering whether to pay in your local or home currency. Learn why local is usually best.

Cruise credit cards can be a good deal for people who regularly go on cruises, but general-purpose travel cards tend to offer more flexible ways to earn and redeem points.

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How to Find the Best Credit Card for Your International Travel


Here are six international travel tips to help you find the best credit card for international travel, while earning miles and travel points.

How Much Does It Cost to Fly with a Dog?


Whether domestic or international, traveling with a dog can get complicated. Here’s what goes into the cost to fly a dog—or any other pet.

Get to Know International Travel Fees


Traveling internationally comes with unique taxes and fees. But a bit of pre-trip planning can trim many of those international travel costs.

Choosing the Best Rewards Credit Card for Travel


To help choose the best rewards credit card for travel, learn how each option matches your preferences and lets you redeem points towards hotel stays, flights, and more.

Key Differences Between Business & Personal Travel Credit Cards


Understand the key differences between personal and business travel credit cards that can help you earn rewards, which you can then redeem for flights and hotel stays.

Best Travel Rewards Cards Without an Annual Fee


Looking to dive into the world of travel cards? If you’re an infrequent traveler or prefer simplicity, a no annual fee travel credit card may be best for your needs.

When Can We Travel Again? Get to Know From the Experts on the Use of Travel Credit Cards


Recent relaxed flight and hotel cancellation policies mean now may be a good time to plan a trip – just pay close attention to travel requirements at your destination.

Comparing the Best Travel and Hotel Credit Cards


Should you get a general-purpose travel credit card or hotel credit card? The key difference comes when you need to redeem those rewards. Explore which is the best credit card for your next trip.

What You Should Know About Foreign Transaction Fees


Have you considered how much it will cost to use a credit card while traveling abroad? Here’s what you need to know about foreign transaction fees – what they are and how to avoid them.

What’s the Best Premium Travel Credit Card for 2021?


The best premium travel credit cards can help you get to desired destinations faster and make trips more pleasant. But the right card depends on your travel needs.

Getting the best travel rewards credit card depends on understanding your personal travel goals and spending habits so you can match them to different cards’ benefits. 

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