Approving an International Payment

American Express® FX International Payments offers you and your buisness the flexibility to determine the approval rights and foreign exchange transaction approval limits for each user of your account.

TIP : When users create payments that exceed the transaction approval limits you’ve set in the User Permissions section, they are stored for your authorization in Approve a Payment. For more details, view the User Administration tutorial.



To access Approve a Payment, go to Create & Manage Payments > Approve a Payment, then:


  • 1Locate the payment(s) you would like to approve, using the tabs in the upper right of the page.

  • 2Review the payment transaction details by clicking its Payment Reference Number.

  • 3Check the box next to the payment(s) you would like to approve and click Approve selected at the lower right of the page.

TIP : You can also delete payments by clicking Delete selected, or send payments to the modify queue by clicking Send to modify queue.
Review payment history for each of your users with the help of payment reference number and approve payments.

Approving Payments


After clicking Approve selected, you will be shown a quoted currency exchange rate. Quoted American Express foreign currency exchange rates are usually valid for five minutes. The remaining time will be indicated in the orange message.


To complete the payment, enter your Username and Password at the bottom of the page, then click Approve Payments.


If successful, you will see ‘Payment Approved’ followed by the transaction summary details.


Enter your user name and password to successfully approve payments and manage your global payments efficiently.

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