Modifying an International Payment

For maximum flexibility, American Express® FX International Payments does not require users to immediately approve their created payments or send them for approval



To access Modify a Payment, go to Create & Manage Payments > Modify a Payment.


  • Locate the payment you would like to modify, check the appropriate box and click Modify at the lower right of the page.

  • You can also delete saved payments from here by checking the appropriate box and clicking Delete at the lower right of the page.

Steps for modifying payments from the list of created payments.

Modifying a Payment


Once you’ve selected the payment you wish to modify, a new page will appear asking you to make modifications as required. This process is the same as when creating a payment. For more details, view the Creating a Payment tutorial.


Requesting a Quote


Once you have made any modifications, click Quote for an exchange rate. The Quote expiry date will be indicated in the orange box. If the rate expires, or if you are otherwise unsatisfied with the quoted rate, you can click Re-Quote for a new rate.

Modifying payments by altering the payment currency, amount and the settlement method.

Completing your Payment


Once you have entered all the mandatory information, you have two options:


  • 1If you have the required authorization, click Accept to execute the transaction immediately. As an additional security measure, you must re-submit your Username and Password. Then click Approve Payments. If successful, you will see ‘Your payment is complete’ followed by the Payment Reference Number.

  • 2Click If you do not have the required authorization level, click Send for approval and check the box to alert an approver by email. The transaction will be sent to Approve a Payment. For more details, view the Approving a Payment tutorial.

With both options, you will be able to Print Details of the transaction or Save as PDF.

The final step for modifying payments is to approve the revisions and authenticate your authority to make the modifications.

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