Creating a Spot International Payment

American Express® FX International Payments offers you a quick, secure and cost-effective solution for sending global currency overseas as international wire transfers or drafts. Here we'll take you through foreign exchange payment methods, payment processing and payment solutions, and provide you with useful tips.

TIP : Wire transfers deposit funds directly into your beneficiary’s account. Drafts are paper checks that can be delivered to you overnight and then sent along to your beneficiary by mail.

Requesting a Quote


To access Create a Spot Payment, go to Create & Manage Payments > Create a Spot Payment, then:


  • 1 Choose Outgoing Wire or Outgoing Draft from the Product drop-down menu.

  • 2Select the currency you want to send from the Payment Currency drop-down menu, then enter the amount you want to send.

  • 3Select whether the Amount is in Foreign Currency or Local Equivalent. For example, if you would like to send 1,000 EURO, select Foreign Currency. If you would like to send $1,000 worth of EURO, select USD Equivalent.

  • 4Choose how you want to pay for the transaction from the Settlement Method drop-down menu. If Wire Funds is selected, click the Pay to American Express info button to view receiving bank information.

  • TIP : The Value Date is the estimated date that the funds will be released to the beneficiary bank. Please note that if additional information is required, the value date may change.
  • 5To batch same-currency wires, check the Hold for Batch box. Once batched payments are created, they can be viewed under Batch Management. Payments sent to Batch Management will not process until you go to Batch Management and accept the payments. For more details, view the Batch Management tutorial.

Current Transaction Quote


Once you have entered all the mandatory information, click Quote. The Current Transaction Quote box will then appear with a summary of the transaction details, including the Rate, Fee and Total Cost.

TIP : The quote expiry date will be indicated in the orange box. If the rate expires, or if you are otherwise unsatisfied with the quoted rate, you can click Re-quote for a new rate.

The Pay Fee In Local Currency option enables you to pay the transaction fee in the local currency and is available if you choose certain settlement methods.

Step to step guide on requesting a quote for spot payment

Entering Payment Details for the Payee


You must enter the information for the payee receiving the payment. To do so, either Select from Existing Payee List or Create a New Payee.


  • If you choose to Create a New Payee, manually enter the information in the fields on the right.

  • To complete the Bank Details, use the Bank Search button.

  • If you wish to add a note, Notes to Payee will be sent with the payment instruction. Notes for You/Internal comments are for your use only – they will not be viewable by your payee.

TIP : Payees are currency driven – only payees that match the currency selected will be available.

More Payee Information


Click Expand Section to view all the payee information fields. You have the option of listing three different emails for the payee. When creating a new payee, simply enter the emails you wish to add and check the box next to each one to confirm. For existing payees, the extra email must be added through Manage Payees > Modify Payee. For more details, view the Managing Payees tutorial.


Searching for a Bank


For wire transfers, the payee section will display the Search for Bank option, as well as the related bank information fields. To search:


  • 1Click the magnifying glass icon. A new overlay window will appear.

  • 2Enter the country of the bank you are sending to and provide the required details as indicated.

  • 3Once the correct IBAN, SWIFT or Routing Code has been entered, the bank information will show in the box below.

  • 4Click on the correct bank name, and the bank details will autofill.

Steps to enter payment details by adding new payee and adding the bank details.

Completing your Payment


Once you have entered all the mandatory information, you have three options:


  • 1Click Accept to execute the transaction immediately. If you do not have permission to approve your own payment, click Submit for approval. Your approver will then need to log in and approve the payment to begin processing.

  • 2Click Send to modify queue to save the transaction for editing before final approval. The transaction can be accessed in Modify a payment. For more details, view the Modifying a Payment tutorial.

  • 3Click Send for approval if you do not have the required authorization level to approve the transaction. With this option, you can email an approver by checking the appropriate box. The transaction will be routed to the Approve a Payment queue. For more details, view the Approving a Payment tutorial.

With any of the options above, you will be able to Print Details of the transaction, or Save as PDF.

Completing the spot transaction by accepting the transaction and sending it for approval.

Template Payments


Template Payment helps you minimize time spent on transactions by allowing you to name and create a payment using information already stored. For more details, view the Managing Templates tutorial.

Use template payments to minimize time spent on transaction by using already stored data.

Existing Payments


Existing Payments let you search for a previous payment and amend any of the fields as required. For more details, view the Managing Templates tutorial.

Search for your previous payments and amend any of the fields in the Existing Payment section.

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