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American Express® MyCredit Guide Frequently Asked Questions 



General Questions

Is American Express® MyCredit Guide really free to enroll in and access?
Yes, MyCredit Guide is free for all who visit the site and enroll. 


Do I have to be an American Express Card Member to enroll in MyCredit Guide?    
No, you do not have to be a Card Member to enroll in and use the service.    


Does checking MyCredit Guide impact or lower my credit score? 
No. Checking MyCredit Guide does not impact or lower your credit score. You may check your credit score and MyCredit Guide as often as you wish.    


Can I access MyCredit Guide on my mobile device? 
Yes, you can view MyCredit Guide on your mobile device. 


What credit score does American Express MyCredit Guide provided?    
The score provided by American Express MyCredit Guide is the VantageScore® 3.0 credit score by TransUnion®.   

Who can see my VantageScore credit score when I view it through MyCredit Guide?    
Your VantageScore credit score is visible only to you.   


Will American Express use my information for marketing?   
American Express may use the information you provide when you enroll to market American Express products and services to you. For information about your choices, and how American Express protects your privacy, please read our Privacy Statement.


About Credit Score

What is the highest credit score?

The highest credit score is 850.  For scores ranging between 300-850, a high or excellent credit score, is usually anything between 781 and 850. 


Must I pay anything to check my VantageScore credit score through MyCredit Guide?

No.  Just enroll for MyCredit Guide and you can check your VantageScore credit score and Trans Union credit report online for free.


What is considered a good credit score?

A credit score between 661 and 780 is considered good. Anything below is considered fair or poor, while anything above is considered excellent.


How can I maintain a good credit score?

While each person's credit profile is different and can be affected by her or his activities in different ways, there are few basic things that everyone can do to maintain a good credit score.

  • Consistently pay the amount due on all your bills on time
  • Regularly monitor your credit report and address any inaccuracies in it.
  • Don’t’ accumulate too much debt.
  • Do not apply too frequently for credit.

What affects my VantageScore credit score?

The "Score Factors" impacting your VantageScore credit score tell you what information from your TransUnion credit report is impacting (positive or negative) the calculation of your score. These are some key factors that could affect your credit score:

  • Your history of making payments on time
  • How old your credit accounts are
  • How much credit you are using
  • Recent inquiries for credit
  • Recently opened new credit or loan accounts
  • How much credit you have available


About American Express® Credit Guide

What information can I find on MyCredit Guide?

MyCredit Guide provides your VantageScore® credit score by TransUnion®, refreshed weekly upon login. MyCredit Guide also includes a range of information and tools to help you understand your credit score better and plan for the future. Some of the features include:

  • Score Factors impacting your score
  • Up to 12 months of score history
  • Detailed TransUnion credit report
  • Email alerts about critical changes to your TransUnion credit report information to help you identify potential fraud
  • Score simulator to help you assess the possible impact of financial choices before you make them
  • Credit education articles

How often is the credit score in MyCredit Guide updated?    

Your VantageScore credit score is updated weekly, upon login.  


What are the "Score Factors" impacting my VantageScore credit score?

The "Score Factors" impacting your VantageScore credit score tell you what information from your TransUnion credit report is impacting (positive or negative) the calculation of your score. These are some key factors that could affect your credit score:

  • Your history of making payments on time
  • How old your credit accounts are
  • How much credit you are using
  • Recent inquiries for credit
  • Recently opened new credit or loan accounts
  • How much credit you have available

What is the Credit Score Simulator?

The simulator shows you how your credit score could change based on changes in your credit behavior. You can use this interactive tool to help estimate the possible impact of various actions or events on your credit score.

Please note the results of Credit Score Simulator are estimated and don’t necessarily show the exact results a given behavior will have on your score.    


How accurate is the Credit Score Simulator?

The Credit Score Simulator starts with the information in your current TransUnion credit report and estimates how changes to the information could affect your score. Please keep in mind, the credit score simulator is an educational tool and the outcomes are estimated and not predictions.

Note: Accounts not reported to TransUnion or subsequently deleted from your credit report will not be reflected in your score.    


How can I see my credit report?

You can view your TransUnion credit report through MyCredit Guide.  If you want to see your credit report from other credit reporting agencies, you may request a free copy of your credit report at You're entitled to receive one free credit report each year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies – TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.    


What kind of alerts will be sent to me?

We will send you alert emails about events impacting your TransUnion credit report.  The alerts cover a broad range of events that are most likely to impact your credit score, and are not limited to events related to American Express Cards.  Some sample alerts include a new inquiry by a business providing you credit or a new account being opened in your name.  We’ll also alert you about events like address changes or changes to account status.

You will be automatically enrolled in the full set of available alerts with your MyCredit Guide enrollment.


How does American Express consider me for pre-qualified Card offers?    

American Express will review your recent credit history and/or other information to determine your eligibility for pre-qualified American Express Card offers. Pre-qualification does not impact your credit score. 


About the Data Displayed

Where does the data on American Express® MyCredit Guide come from?
The data on your MyCredit Guide is based on your TransUnion® credit report. The VantageScore® credit score presented was calculated based on the information from that credit report.

Where does the information on my TransUnion credit report come from? 
The information on your credit report comes from multiple sources.  Some is furnished to TransUnion by its data furnishers, companies with whom you have a credit relationship.  TransUnion also gets information from courts, debt collectors and public records which include tax liens and bankruptcies.  Additionally, TransUnion gets information that you provide directly to TransUnion Consumer Relations.  


Why did my credit score change?
Your credit bureau information is continuously updated. If your VantageScore credit score shows a change it could be due to a variety of reasons. It is possible, for example, that you have acquired new credit, paid down existing debt or been late on a payment. 


Why isn’t there a credit score displayed for me in MyCredit Guide?
If you cannot see your credit score, it may be because there is not enough information in your credit report to calculate a credit score.  


Why do I not have 12 months of scores on my credit score chart?    
This is normal if you have recently enrolled. The credit score trend line will build each month, starting with your first visit to MyCredit Guide.   


Why might this VantageScore 3.0 credit score be different from other VantageScore 3.0 credit scores I see?    
VantageScore 3.0 is calculated using credit bureau information.  The score can vary depending on the credit bureau that calculated the score since each credit bureau may have different information about you.  It can also vary due to the timing of the calculation, given that your credit report is updated frequently. 


What’s the difference between the VantageScore 3.0 credit score and other credit scores? 
VantageScore 3.0 may differ from other scores you may have seen, as there are other providers and scores in the market. Credit scores are generally based on similar key factors that lenders want to know about before offering you credit. American Express and other lenders may use different credit scores and other information to make credit decisions.

Something in MyCredit Guide does not look right. What should I do?
MyCredit Guide is a summary of your credit data from TransUnion. If your information does not look right, we recommend that you review your TransUnion credit report provided in MyCredit Guide.

You can also call TransUnion Monday through Friday from 8AM to 9PM EST, except during holidays at 800-784-3092.


About Enrolling, Logging in, and Managing My account

Why is the Identity Verification process necessary?
Identity Verification is a fraud protection tool that is intended to help protect your security and privacy. Identity Verification asks questions that can only be answered by the person who is the subject of the credit report – without it, an unauthorized party could obtain your credit report information.  


What if I have trouble with the Identity Verification process?    
Identity Verification uses specific information contained in your credit report and from other sources. It’s possible that your information that has been updated has not yet been reported to the credit reporting agency or provider of other data. Also, sometimes the process may ask for information about accounts that you may have closed within the past three years and that you may no longer remember. 


To get help, you can call TransUnion Monday through Friday from 8AM to 9PM EST, except during holidays at 1-855-468-1379. 

A Customer Service Team member will attempt to confirm your identity by asking you questions about your credit history. Once your identity has been confirmed, the representative will immediately make your MyCredit Guide available for you to view online.


What if I forgot my password?
On the Member Login page, click on the “Forgot Password” link and follow the steps outlined.


To ensure the security of your MyCredit Guide account, you will be asked to enter certain information as a method of identification. Once we validate that the information entered is accurate, you will be provided access to your account. 


How do I update my mailing address or email address?
After you have logged in, click the link to “My Account” at the top menu, then select “My Information.”


Can I cancel my MyCredit Guide account?
Yes, you can cancel your MyCredit Guide account. To do so, after you have logged in, click the link to “My Account” at the top menu, then select “Cancel Enrollment.”