Benefits of Welcoming AMEX Cards


American Express can now be accepted at 99% of places in the US that accept credit cards, based on the Feb 2020 Nilson Report. 



Here's how accepting American Express could benefit your business:



Rates that may be lower than you think



Get 24/7 service and support



Protect your business and help reduce fraud



Reach Card Members who on average have an

annual spend that is 3X that of Non-Card Members1



Access to on average 3X greater spend capacity

for U.S. Small Businesses versus competitors2


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“American Express gives us a lot more value than other card brands. They support our business by recommending us to their Card Members and by helping us with marketing.”


- Nelson Gutierrez, Strictly Bicycles

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[1] Nilson Report #1,147, February 2019. Spend per card derived from U.S. year-end purchase volume divided by year-end cards in force (CIF), not from individual consumer-level data. CIF represents the number of cards issued and outstanding with cardholders. Average Non-American Express spend per card includes Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit and charge card volume and CIF and excludes debit volume and CIF.

[2] Spend capacity for US Small Businesses based on commercial information as of July 2016. AXP spend capacity based on analysis of US OPEN population. Competitor lines based on Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE) data from Equifax; Spend capacity for our largest US Small Business Accounts based on December 2017 AXP OPEN data for customers with over $1MM annual revenue and more than $500k in annual spend. Competitor lines based on Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE) data from Dun & Bradstreet.