Black Business Owner putting on his apron and getting ready to open his store for customers.

Start Accepting American Express® Credit Cards Today


Explore the benefits of welcoming American Express Cards at your business.

Black Business Owner putting on his apron and getting ready to open his store for customers.

Why accept American Express® Credit Cards?

A woman in a wheelchair paying with credit card at checkout lane


Widely Accepted in the US

American Express can be accepted at 99% of places in the US that accept credit cards.1


Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing opportunities at rates that may be lower than you think

Higher Spending Card Members

In 2023, the average transaction size of American Express Card Members was 60% higher than that of non-Card Members.2


Customer Loyalty

In 2023, 88% of American Express Card Members agree that they prefer to make purchases where their American Express credit card is accepted.3

Benefits Spotlight

Two workers using a tablet to view shipping savings options for their business.

Take advantage of offer savings worth over $4,500

Through our Business Savings Suite4, your business can take advantage of offers from our partners like Intuit QuickBooks, FedEx, and more.

Couple making a payment with an American Express credit card.

Payment solutions to help you grow

Solutions to help finance, protect, grow, and manage business.

A woman looking at a line graph and observing the business’s highs and lows.

Industry trends and insights

Business Class for Merchants offers tips, trends, and tools from industry thought leaders in digestible formats.

An American Express sign on a business that says “Open. Come in and use the card you love.”

Free marketing, tools and programs

Get promoted, amplified and connected to customers for free.

Two ways to accept American Express Cards

Accept Directly with Amex


National and Regional Businesses or Small Businesses who prefer to accept directly through American Express can take advantage of competitive pricing opportunities, plus 24/7 expert support and protection to help your business thrive.

Accept With a Payment Provider


Eligible Small Businesses can accept through your provider, which sets the rate for card acceptance. Plus receive a single statement and deposit, the same way you do for all card brands you accept at your business.

Supporting Small Businesses Through Free Grants

A smiling Black business owner standing proudly in front of her store.

Backing Small Businesses Grant Program


Together with Main Street America, American Express is helping under-resourced and economically vulnerable U.S. small businesses in building their economic vitality and fostering a thriving community.


  • The program will provide $10,000 grants to help 500 small businesses
  • 25 of them will be eligible to receive an additional $30,000 Enhancement Grant to further improve their business. Terms apply.

Now in its third year, the program will increase grants awarded and double total funding to more than $5.7 million. Learn more about how we’re backing small business.

A sushi owner serving a customized meal to an Asian customer

Backing Historic Small Restaurants Grant Program


In partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the “Backing Historic Small Restaurants” nationwide grant program is returning for a fourth year.


  • The program will award $50,000 grants to 50 historic U.S. small or independently owned restaurants, supporting the future growth of these establishments as they navigate current challenges.
  • Applications and public nominations open until March 27. Terms apply.

Since 2021, the Backing Historic Small Restaurants grant program has granted a total of nearly $3 million. Learn more about how we’re backing historic small restaurants.

Hear what businesses are saying about American Express

Jenny Ferrera, who is a small business owner, is standing in front of a supply of skincare.

Any business owner who’s not using Amex or accepting Amex is missing out on a great clientele who are very loyal to Amex.”


Jenny Ferrera

Jenny Wax Skincare

Founders of Cookie Good standing in front of a wall that has the Cookie Good business logo on it.

“There is something about American Express that just makes you feel more secure and that you know you're going to be really well taken care of. if you have any issues or problems, they will help you solve them and they will make it easier.”


Melanie Canter

Cookie Good 

Andrew Steiner, a small business owner, is smiling outside his Andrew’s Cheese Shop.

“There's a little bit of pride when they hand over the Amex card to us, which is very easily identifiable, and they like doing business with businesses that accept it.”


Andrew Steiner

Andrew’s Cheese Shop  

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