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Getting Started

New to accepting American Express? Start your journey to welcoming more customers.


Get Free Signage


Displaying signage is one of the most important things you can do when you start accepting American Express. Get yours for free and let customers know that you welcome their business in store and on your site.


New to American Express? Get free signage now and put it in front of customers. 

Test Your Terminal

Step 1

  Choose “Sale” key on your terminal, or follow procedures for a keyed manual transaction



Step 2

Key in Card Number 373953312381006, then enter 12/21 as expiration date



Step 3

If terminal prompts for additional info, press “Enter/Send” or enter “0000” to bypass



Step 4

When the terminal displays a “Decline” response, this indicates a successful test transaction* 



*If “Decline” response is not received, please contact your POS terminal provider to troubleshoot the issue. 




Get Your Name Out There 


After a few weeks of accepting American Express, you may eligible to access free tools to promote your business—which could help you welcome more customers.