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Shop Small® Resources to Help Support Your Business

Use these materials and tools to let your customers know how they can show up for your small business now and as you prepare for what’s next. 

Not an American Express® Merchant?

No problem. Find out how to become one here, and check to see if your business meets our other Shop Small eligibility here.

shop small

Services and Savings To Help Support Your Business


Services and Savings To Help You Prepare for the Holiday Season

A collection of services, curated and vetted by American Express - and offered with savings for you. Save on shipping, connect with customers, re-stock your store, and much more.



Shop Small® Materials for

Social Distancing

Use these social posts, in-store signage and more to keep customers informed about how you’re navigating this time.



Support for Black-Owned Businesses


Whether you’re a Black-owned business or simply searching for a small way to show your support for the Black Community, we have new digital and in-store signage for you.


Download and proudly display these printable posters, digital badges, social posts and more.


Is Your Small Business on the Shop Small® Map?

We think it should be. Add your qualified business to the map or update your listing to invite customers to Shop Small safely with you, in-store and online all year long.

Check to see if your business meets Shop Small eligibility here.

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More Resources to Fuel Your Growth

Use in-store signs and decals to let customers know that you accept American Express.


In-Store Signage >

Get access to tools and discounts to help support your business 


Business Services >

Explore tips and insights to help manage your business.



Business Trends & Tools >

Get additional small-business resources, offers, and more.



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