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Managing Users - International Payments

American Express® FX International Payments offers you the flexibility to tailor user permissions to the individual needs of your business. Assigned administrators can add new users and amend their access rights, foreign exchange transaction limits and other account permissions.

User Administration Guide


User Administrator receives special access to the FX International Payments system to create new users, modify existing users, set user permissions and perform password resets – in addition to creating payments. Payments might also require approval by multiple User Administrators, depending on account settings.


If an account is enabled with Single Verification, User Administrators have the ability to create, modify and approve users, payees and transactions without additional approval. If an account is set up with Dual Verification, User Administrators can create or modify users but only with the approval of the other User Administrators. Transactions might also require approval by multiple User Administrators, depending on account settings.


TIP : With accounts enabled for Dual Verification, User Administrators must approve any changes through the system’s Approve tab.

Creating a New User


Go to My Account > User Administration, then select Create from the tabs provided.


  • 1Enter the new user’s contact details, including the individual’s email and phone number.

  • 2Select all the Permissions, Settings and financial Limits you want to attribute to the new user.

  • 3Click Create User on the bottom right-hand side of the page. Their details are now in the system and can be viewed or modified.

Steps to create or add a new user for managing details of the users.

Modifying a User


  • 1Click on the View/Modify tab. A complete list of the names of your existing users will be displayed. Click on the one you want and then Select.

  • 2Alternatively, you can Search for a user by inputting their details in the relevant boxes on the left-hand side. Their name will then appear in the list. To view their details, click on Select.

  • 3To modify their details, click Modify User in the lower right of the page, then make any changes in the information fields.

  • 4Once you have made any changes, click Save Changes in the lower right of the page. You’ll see a green message indicating your changes were made successfully. To repeat the process, you can click View/Modify Another User.

After you have clicked Modify User, the user’s Contact Details, Permissions, Settings and Transaction Limits will be editable, as long as you have permission to do so.


  • Selecting Reset Password will send the user a new temporary password by email. When the user next logs in, they’ll be sent a One-Time PIN and will be asked to choose a new password.
  • Selecting Delete User will permanently delete the user.
Steps to create/modify the contact and transaction details of the new user.

Transaction Limits


There are three types of Transaction Limits available within the platform:


  • 1Single Transaction Value Limit:
    Lets users create a transaction up to a specified amount.

  • 2Approval Limit:
    Requires users’ transactions of a set amount to be approved before being sent.

  • 3Approval Bypass Limit:
    Allows users to send a transaction up to a specified amount without approval.

TIP : If your account is set up to require additional approval, any user modifications will need to be approved by another user before the changes are active.

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