Multi-Currency Payment Processing 


Multi-Currency payments help merchants reach Card Members globally without the cost of setting up locally.




Reach Card Members around the world to grow your online, e-commerce and card-not-present business internationally with American Express Multi-Currency. Multi-Currency is a cross-border payment processing feature that helps to remove friction from online cross-border ecommerce by pricing your goods and services in the preferred local currency of your customers. With a multi-currency merchant account, you can reach Card Members across borders using over 100 submission/presentment currencies and 18 settlement currencies.


Learn more about American Express Multi-Currency and cross-border payments in this short video:  




Accept payments in over 100 different currencies to easily extend your reach to customers around the globe. 

International Expansion: 


Reach untapped countries without the cost of establishing physical local presence using a Multi-Currency merchant account.

Efficient FX Management:


Convert currency automatically wherever submission currency is different to settlement currency.

Sales Generation:


Attract new international customers and drive revenue through increased conversions as a result of currency localization and price transparency.

Simplified Operations:


Enjoy a simplified processing experience from flexible settlement options to centralized account management to reduced chargebacks/refunds, all to help your payments run more smoothly.


Ready to get started?


American Express Multi-Currency helps simplify cross-border e-commerce for you and for your customers. To get started, reach out to our knowledgeable team using the button below. A representative will contact you to discuss your needs.

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How it Works

Illustration for how Multi Currency Payment Processing works

Here’s how you get started:

Step 1

Contact your American Express representative to select your available submission and settlement currencies and establish your Multi-Currency merchant account.

Step 2

Work with your certified payment processing partner(s) and American Express representative to enable currency and connectivity for submission.

Step 3

Begin accepting American Express Card transactions in your selected foreign currencies and receive payment in your selected currencies via your preferred settlement option.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are cross-border payments? 

Cross-border payments are transactions where a customer purchases goods or services from a business in a different country. Cross-border payments are an important part of global e-commerce businesses.


What are some cross-border payment challenges?

When selling goods or services internationally, prospective customers may abandon their shopping cart due to concerns around currency exchange rates and/or card FX fees. By offering a Multi-Currency experience, there’s no doubt for the Card Member regarding the amount being paid because its in their local currency.


American Express Multi-Currency minimizes these challenges for American Express Card transactions by making it easier for your business to sell your goods and services in the Card Member’s local currency and help enable you to expand your business internationally while easing the headaches related to cross-border e-commerce.


How does cross-border e-commerce work? 

The American Express Multi-Currency merchant account enables seamless cross-border payments so you can price in a foreign currency and get paid in one of the available settlement currencies, helping to reduce the complexity of managing cross-border e-commerce so you can focus on reaching new customers.