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Create Your Winning Audience

For years, insights developed from the analysis of American Express’ closed loop1 transaction data have been the foundation for personalizing internal and third-party marketing programs for our customers. Now our data science capabilities are enabling us to point these insights in a new direction. Amex Advance allows for the in-depth analysis of American Express data alongside partner data in order to find audiences across the U.S. population who are most likely to spend with your brand in the future, not just those who have made a purchase in the past.

Consultative Audiences 

Bespoke audience segments created by collocating Partner and Amex data to address your business challenges    

Data Driven Offer’s Audience

Launch targeted offers in the Amex Offers platform to drive incremental revenue and deterministic measurement for your Brand

Custom Audiences

Customizable audiences that can be segmented by brand, category and time period to solve most common business challenges


Did you know?

Prior to purchasing auto insurance, customers spent 2.5x more on laundry and dry cleaning2

Typically, 49%-67% of the top 100 variables of Amex Advance Models are
driven by diverse spending behaviors outside the marketer’s category 


Creating Amex Advance Audiences

Omnichannel activation through our partners: audiences can be activated across broadcast, digital, email, and direct mail campaigns



1. Define Desired Target


Amex Advance and Brand to define audience based on a desired purchase behavior    


2. Build Your Audience Model


Machine learning analyzes historical purchase trends to produce spending insights about your most likely target audience  


3. Scale Purchase Insights to the U.S. Population


Extrapolate spending insights to determine spend profile of broader consumer population    

4. Apply Audience Model to Select Your Custom Audience


Amex Advance predictive modeling identifies targeted segment within U.S. population  



Omni channel Activation Through our distribution partners, audiences can be activated across digital, social, email, direct mail, and television




Amex Advance Interactive Portal    

For the first time, partners can access similar services through the Amex Advance interactive portal, where thousands of spending data points are analyzed to deliver dynamic insights and performance against potential Curated and Custom Audiences. 




Custom Audience Insights:

Prior to purchasing furniture, customers spend3    

4x more
at clothing boutiques

5x more
on Lighting fixtures

5x more
on kitchenware & glassware

5x more
on watches

Machine Learning at Your Fingertips

In addition to accessing these powerful analytics, partners are also able to order customized Audiences directly through the interactive portal.    



The Amex Advance Platform

This first-of-its kind platform allows for the in-depth analysis of American Express
closed-loop transaction data alongside partner and publicly available consumer
data in order to develop insights about the future buying behaviors of a
desired audience within the U.S. population.    

1 American Express serves as a Card issuer and a merchant acquirer, and maintains direct relationships with Card Members and merchants. This enables the company to operate a closed-loop network and provide marketing programs to merchants and special offers and services to Card Members. This model differentiates the company from the competition and allows access to payment transactions from both the Card Member and the merchant perspective.

2 In the year prior to purchase, when compared to the rest of the active Card Member base (September 2017)  


3 When compared to the rest of the active Card Member base (September 2017)



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