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Contactless Payments

A faster, safer way for customers to pay


84% of merchants agree that using contactless is safer for personal health than using cash, swiping a card or inserting a chip card.*

Contactless payments—where customers simply hover their card, smart watch or mobile device over the card reader until they get the ok—are not only a faster way to pay, they keep the checkout process cleaner by reducing exposure to health risks for both customers and employees. It’s one quick tap.


It’s safer, easier and keeps transactions secure.




How do touchless, tap-and-go payments improve the checkout experience?


Tap-to-pay takes less time than exchanging cash or swiping/inserting a card. So transactions are quicker and interactions are shorter. 


No signatures, no touching the terminal, and less time spent between customer and cashier. 


Protected by proven encryption, contactless payments are as secure as chip technology. 

Promotes Choice

Customers can pay the way they want—with a contactless card or their mobile wallet. 

How it Works

Here’s what customers do:

How what customers do

Here’s what you do:

See the Business Owner Guide in the tools section below to help ensure a cleaner payments environment for your business. 


Tools to help you get started. 


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*The Amex 2020 Digital Payments Trendex survey was conducted online among a sample of 400 business leaders in the U.S. who have responsibility for making decisions regarding customer payment options, IT/data security, or online sales strategy and planning.  The sample for the study came from an online panel. Fieldwork was conducted between July 30-August 7, 2020.


2 You are not required to collect American Express Card Member signatures on any card-present transactions. You will not be held liable for fraud chargebacks for not having a signature on card-present transactions, and signed receipts are no longer required as supporting documentation for disputes.