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Julie Matzen

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“The peace of mind is priceless, knowing that money is there for us.”

Julie Matzen, Team MayDay

Real Kabbage Funding customer who was aware that her testimonial may be featured by American Express.

Getting Peace of Mind for When Cash Flow Is Tight

In 2014, Julie Matzen decided to go for it. After decades of working at big PR firms and agencies, she knew she wanted to go into advertising, and on her own terms.

Years before working remotely was commonplace, Julie sought people like herself who no longer wanted to work for big agencies, yearning to work from home and on their own schedule.

“I took a gamble and just started my own agency,” she recalls. With experts and senior-level contractors on hand, her new agency, named Team MayDay, began landing big clients. “I had this cool scalable team but with lower overhead, so I could offer great work at prices that were more reasonable than the competition.” Soon Team MayDay was doing TV commercials, media buying, and more for well-known national and global firms across multiple verticals.

Today, Team MayDay comprises a core team of 10 professionals plus an in-house production company that includes producers, creators, and web developers. Current and former clients include a global lock manufacturer, a well-known fitness company, and several other household brands.

“Cutting it close does not feel good.”

Yet, while Julie has a high-risk tolerance for a small business entrepreneur, there is one area that always made her uncomfortable—the cash flow squeeze.

“If we do a big TV shoot, we’ve got to pay people promptly—we can’t just wait 60 days to pay them. And there are those times when I must juggle my cash flow—and for me, cutting it close does not feel good.”

Kabbage Funding to Help Bridge the Gap

From Team MayDay’s inception, Julie had used American Express to help run the company. “I run every bill through the Business Gold Card, including all our media buying. I use the Platinum Card for my personal expenses, too. So, when my Amex rep told me about American Express’s new business line of credit product, Kabbage Funding, I went online and filled out the application that day. It was so easy.”

Since getting approved for her Kabbage Funding business line of credit, Julie says she worries less about cash flow. “The peace of mind is priceless, knowing that money is there for us.”

Easy to Access

When Julie went to access her business line of credit for the first time, she was pleasantly surprised by how easy and intuitive it was. “The portal was very clean and simple to navigate—things like that are important to me.”

She adds, “I especially like how the dashboard allows us to view the monthly payment schedule, based on how much you want to withdraw, before taking out the loan. And the business line of credit from American Express makes it simple to pay it back sooner.”  Julie envisions using her business line of credit whenever she needs it. “I plan to pay mine back sooner and then probably take out more.”

“Team MayDay is not a big company but American Express made me feel like I was a multimillion-dollar company—and that was a great feeling.”


Business Facts

Year established: 2014

Type: Digital Advertising

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Number of team members: 10

Number of client brands represented: 11

Annual revenue: $2.8 million

Kabbage Funding Customer Since: April 2022

American Express® Member since: 2018

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