Robert Barney

“We couldn’t have done it without American Express® Business Line of Credit.”

Bob Barney, Founder & VP of Tamco Paint

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American Express® Business Line of Credit Helps Family Business Thrive

For Bob Barney and his wife Tammy, Tamco Paint was a family affair from the start. After graduating from the University of Connecticut, Bob moved to Florida in 1980 where his cousin helped him get a sales job at a local auto paint store. “I really enjoyed the business right from Day One,” he says. He and Tammy also liked the family-oriented nature of that store and they decided to start their own automotive paint business based on that model. Affectionately named after Bob’s wife and daughter, Tamco Paint was founded in 1989.

Tamco started small yet by 1996, Bob had opened a small plant to make solvents and clear paints in Virginia, where he worked part-time and on weekends. By 2000 he was able to join Tammy in operating Tamco full-time, where they were eventually joined by two daughters and a son-in-law.

Tamco grew slowly but steadily until 2008, when the recession hit the company hard. Bob discovered the former Kabbage line of credit, now American Express® Business Line of Credit, in 2015 and Tamco was approved for a $10,000 line. “That first line of credit saved us from going out of business,” he says.

Managing Supplies During Shortages

By 2021, Tamco’s business was going strong, and they were even sourcing raw materials directly from overseas in bulk. With their American Express® Business Line of Credit, along with their own funds, Tamco could pay to fill their own shipping containers. “Given the pandemic, there are greater shortages of raw materials, so you buy as much as you can, when you can,” says Bob. “We bought three container loads last year and we couldn’t have done it without American Express® Business Line of Credit,” says Bob.

With the ability to stock up on supplies, Tamco has been able to continue its upward trajectory right through the pandemic-related shortages. “American Express has been there for me. That’s why I’m still a loyal customer. American Express understood my business and supported me—plus the rates are competitive.”

Furthermore, Bob now looks forward to benefiting even more from American Express to which he’s loyal—he’s been a Card Member since 1981.

Business Facts

Year Established: 1989

Type: Automotive Paint

Location: Wakefield VA

Employees: 17

American Express® member since 1981

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