Brian Lindenbaum

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“These Amex products are the real game changer. There are things my business just couldn’t do before they came along that we can do now. And they have completely changed our game.”

Brian Lindenbaum

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From Pavement to Powerhouse:

The rise of One Stop Board Shop with business backing from American Express

Brian Lindenbaum’s wild ride from action sports enthusiast to entrepreneur is a story steeped in adrenaline and ingenuity. From his early days shredding slopes and carving pavements, the New Jersey native was always a heartbeat away from his next adventure. He would spend his day job as a contract manager dreaming of the downhill rush.

“I was born for board sports,” he declares. “I’ve been skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding for years. If you can put my feet on it and make it go, I love being on it.”

It was his buddy’s endorsement of a new entrant to the board scene, a self-balancing board with a single wheel, that introduced Lindenbaum to personal electric vehicles (PEVs). One ride was all it took for him to dive headlong into this thrilling world, which included a bustling community of riders and what he saw as a glaring gap in the market – a reliable repair shop.

“I was in a bunch of social media forums talking about the repairs I was making on my own,” Lindenbaum recalls. “I guess my name got out. People started hitting me up.”

Lindenbaum founded the One Stop Board Shop (OSBS) in 2019. The adventure began modestly in his garage, where local riders could find not just repairs, but a group that shared experiences, knowledge, and the joy of riding. Lindenbaum describes his customers as “a melting pot of teenagers to lawyers to doctors to sixty-somethings who just want to cruise down the beach and hang out.” The only barrier to entry, he says, is “a lack of balance.”

With time, this humble setup grew into a thriving nucleus of the local PEV community, hastening the birth of the first official OSBS store in Martinsville, NJ, in 2022. As demand skyrocketed across the country, Lindenbaum sensed that a larger, more equipped space was needed. He relocated OSBS to a larger facility in Somerville, NJ, where riders could find everything from board accessories and parts to e-skate products, repair services, and upgrades.

It also became clear to the rising PEV mogul that reliable financial products would be crucial to sustaining growth. This is where American Express stepped in, offering a suite of business products and features designed to help small business owners take their passions to the next level.

“I started growing my business by using several American Express products, only to realize how much I needed Amex,” Lindenbaum says. “Amex has become a daily part of our business.”

Lindenbaum’s first Amex product was the Amazon Business Prime Card from American Express in 2019. Yet as Lindenbaum’s business expanded, so did his need for support, eventually leading him to explore more comprehensive financial solutions.

In 2022, the quest to better manage the company’s finances brought him to American Express® Business Checking. With fully digital bank accounts offered by American Express National Bank (Member FDIC), Business Checking has no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements, and it offers a competitive APY on balances up to $500k. The Business Debit Card that comes with the account makes everyday purchases and ATM withdrawals straightforward and seamless. Members can even convert the Membership Rewards® points they earn into deposits directly into their Business Checking account1.

“Having the ability to take in payments digitally, it just makes things cleaner and easier. Now, it’s not a headache every single time there’s a transaction.”

Beyond streamlined banking, Lindenbaum’s growing business also needed flexible funding solutions. In July 2022, OSBS applied for the American Express® Business Line of Credit, which has become fundamental to their business strategy.

“We were actively searching for financing options when my father found the Business Line of Credit,” Lindenbaum recounts. “And you know the cost of money in this economic climate. It was just incredibly affordable for me.”

Designed to give small businesses flexible access to funding, the American Express® Business Line of Credit helps eligible small businesses manage cash flow and cover unexpected expenses. It has varied term options and no hidden fees. The application process can be completed in a few simple steps, which allows customers to concentrate on growing their business.

Lindenbaum breaks down how he intends to use his loans, revealing that a portion will be directed towards enhancing purchasing power, and another toward new equipment. Meanwhile, OSBS is actively engaged in the development and design of its product range.

Still, this funding isn’t just about securing state-of-the-art equipment. It is also helping hire employees in a pinch. The OSBS team, which Lindenbaum considers his most valuable asset, relies on having a consistent team of experts. “I can’t handle every single thing that comes to our door,” he says. “I need a good team of people behind me, and the ability to hire them.”

He praises the free digital cash flow management platform, American Express Business Blueprint™, that has helped him keep track of his select American Express business accounts and products, including his Business Cards, Business Checking account, and Business Line of Credit, all in one place on his mobile device.

“When I’m on the go, if I’m not in my office and need to check something, the fact that I can just log into my one app and see everything I need is super convenient,” he says. “The 2023 way to operate businesses requires us to have that information in your palm.”

Looking ahead, Lindenbaum has high expectations for what he can do with his American Express products. As self-described “community leaders,” OSBS hopes to participate in more events and sponsorships, emulating industry-leading companies.

He hints at significant contracts in the pipeline, aiming to become an authorized service center for major manufacturers, a move that will necessitate additional technicians, more equipment, and, potentially, expansion to new locations. In the meantime, Lindenbaum plans to increase the company’s presence at major boarding industry events, ramping up from a handful of events this year to about 10 to 12 annually.

Like the effortless push of an electric scooter, Lindenbaum acknowledges the pivotal role of American Express in helping him to power the uphill growth of his shop.

“You cannot do it all on your own,” he acknowledges. “I don’t see how we could succeed or have gotten where we are without American Express. It’s a material part of our business.”


1Membership Rewards® Program – Redeem for Deposits 

When you open an American Express® Business Checking Account, you will also receive a Membership Rewards® Account, in which you will earn one Membership Rewards point for every two dollars of eligible Debit Card purchases. Eligible purchases are purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. For more information on eligible purchases, visit You can redeem Membership Rewards points for a deposit into your checking account. Click here to learn what other redemption options may also be available. If you also have a Rewards Account in connection with a Card Account, your Rewards Accounts can be linked, and you will have access to all redemption options offered with that Card Account. For more information, visit

You may redeem Membership Rewards® points for deposits into your American Express® Business Checking Account at the standard rate of 1000 points for an $8 deposit. If you have a Business Platinum Card® and an American Express Business Checking Account linked to the same Membership Rewards Account, you can redeem points for a deposit at a rate of 1000 points for $10 for up to 1,000,000 points per calendar year, after which you may continue to redeem points at the standard rate. There is no minimum number of points needed to use Redeem for Deposits. American Express will deduct the number of points you select from your Membership Rewards Account and deposit a corresponding dollar amount into your checking account. Generally, deposits will post to your account within 48 hours of redemption. For more information, visit

Business Facts

Year Established: 2022

Industry Type: Retail & Repair

Location: New Jersey

Number of Employees: 6

American Express® Business Checking Customer Since: 2022

American Express® Business Line of Credit Customer Since: 2023

American Express® Member Since: 2012

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