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Darrin Martin

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“I always saw American Express as the ultimate credit card. All the big companies used it. It never even crossed my mind to approach Amex for a line of credit.”

Darrin Martin

Real American Express® Business Line of Credit customer who was aware that his testimonial may be featured by American Express.

In the Pipeline: American Express’s Role in Quality Septic’s Success

From nuclear chemist to septic installer to entrepreneur, Darrin Martin’s career has been anything but predictable. Today, he stands at the helm of Quality Septic, a provider of quality septic services in the North and East areas of Dallas. His journey to success, though, was not without its share of obstacles.

“How I got into this business is kind of a cute story,” he admits. The venture presented itself when he agreed to buy the business from a friend and neighbor, for whom he used to do odd jobs like cutting grass. “He was ready to get out, and he just asked me one day if I wanted Quality Septic.”

It was 2014, and from that moment, Martin embraced his new role as owner, pouring his energy into transforming Quality Septic into a formidable service provider.

Under his leadership, the company catapulted from completing 20 septic installations per year to an impressive 65-80 installations, and now offers a range of septic services from repair and maintenance to pumping and cleaning. The operation has also mushroomed from one to eight specialized employees, servicing single-wide trailers and multimillion dollar homes. Last year, reports Martin, they surpassed the million-dollar revenue mark for the first time.

Still, every growth story has its challenges. For Martin, it was a persistent shortage of funds to invest in essential septic equipment, like pumps, critical for meeting the surging demand. Despite his successes, securing a business line of credit proved elusive for a company his size.

Although he has used an American Express® Hilton Honors Card since 2022, Amex’s lending landscape felt somehow out of reach. “You know the problem small businesses have?” says Martin. “We’re only really good at what we do. I’m not a finance guy, I’m not a tax guy, I’m not any of that. I don’t have that expertise.”

Then, in March 2023, a transformative email from American Express turned things around.

“I was receiving regular emails about a line of credit from American Express. And one day, I just clicked.

Simple Application & Flexible Access to Funds

As Martin learned from an Amex representative, the American Express® Business Line of Credit is a product designed to give entrepreneurs flexible access to funding, thereby helping manage cash flow and cover unexpected expenses. It distinguishes itself with its term options and transparent pricing and offers no hidden fees. Its application process is simple and straightforward, allowing customers to concentrate on growing their business.

After a smooth application process, Martin secured a business line of credit. He promptly invested more than $12,000 in essential septic pumps, a move that catalyzed Quality Septic’s growth trajectory.

“Our sales last year were $1.2 million,” Martin says proudly. “And this year, we’re already blowing those numbers out of the water.”

Effortless Financial Empowerment

Energized by the positive experience with American Express, the septic entrepreneur is already considering another loan from his line of credit to invest in a new truck. “We’re fixing to take another bump in this line,” he says. “Just being able to have the freedom with our funding, it’s giving me such peace of mind. If I need it, it’s there.”

Beyond building out his enterprise, Martin is now dedicated to mentoring other business owners, too, sharing his experiences and advice. He enthusiastically recommends the American Express® Business Line of Credit, a financial tool that was instrumental in his own business’s success.

“I always tell other business owners about my line of credit experience,” he says. “I tell them to reach out to Amex, start small, and grow together. Because Amex really helped me.”

Business Facts

Year Established: 1984

Industry Type: Septic tank services

Location: Texas

Number of Employees: 8

Annual Revenue: $1.2 Million

American Express® Business Line of Credit Customer Since: 2023

American Express® Member Since: 2022

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