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Greg Fontaine

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“Whether I’m making deposits or viewing my current balance, American Express® Business Checking is very helpful when running my business. Everything’s at your fingertips.”

 Greg Fontaine

Real American Express® Business Checking customer who was aware that his testimonial may be featured by American Express.

Building success: A&E Construction’s Business Checking experience

In the serene suburb of Pennington, New Jersey, a family enterprise has been quietly transforming people’s remodeling dreams into reality. A&E Construction, established in 2003 by owner Greg Fontaine and named for his daughters, Anna and Emily, has evolved from its humble beginnings into a thriving venture. Today, it stands as a testament to entrepreneurial success, proudly reporting an annual revenue of $3 million.

“We help regular people, like you and me,” Fontaine says. “Our customers are all basically our neighbors.”

A&E Construction’s business reach often radiates beyond Pennington, touching the corners of Hopewell, Princeton, and Montgomery. Its extensive portfolio spans residential remodeling, commercial renovations, new home construction, and energy efficiency improvements. Fontaine, equipped with a quarter-century of industry know-how, an engineering background, and unique insights from his service as a flight engineer in the USAF, has infused his business with a distinctive blend of all-American craftsmanship.

But the driving force behind A&E Construction’s rise is not solely Fontaine’s relentless commitment to the business. Their transformation has also been supported by a trusted digital tool: American Express® Business Checking.

“I think it’s a smart product for a medium-sized business like ours,” Fontaine explains.

Banking built for your business

Until 2023, A&E Construction had banked locally, a process its owner found inconvenient and cumbersome, especially when it came to depositing checks and paying subcontractors.

Fontaine received a mailer from American Express, marketing for him to apply for both a digital Business Checking account and a Business Platinum Card® from American Express. An American Express personal Card Member for 25 years, Fontaine was already sold on the Card products, but the promise of a more streamlined banking experience was tempting. He took the plunge, applying for both products, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

“We’ve always had a business checking account at the local bank,” says Fontaine. “But American Express really made things more convenient for us.”

A fully digital banking solution with no branches, tellers, or lines

A banking experience designed for the digital age, American Express® Business Checking is branchless, so business owners can manage their bank account on their own time. By simply using the app, you can easily oversee your accounts, make mobile deposits, pay vendors and bills with one click, and access specialist support – anytime, anywhere.

Everyday business purchases made more rewarding

The benefits don’t stop at digital ease of use. With accounts offered by American Express National Bank (Member FDIC), American Express® Business Checking features no monthly maintenance fees and no minimum balance requirements, so you can keep more money in your account, where it belongs. You’ll also earn a competitive APY on balances up to $500k.

The Business Debit Card that comes with the account makes your everyday purchases and ATM withdrawals straightforward and seamless. Convert the Membership Rewards® points you earn into deposits directly into your American Express® Business Checking account.*

“In essence, that’s what American Express has been able to do for me,” Fontaine says. “It’s flexible, with a lot of added benefits, such as Membership Rewards points and strong customer service, that we weren’t even expecting.”

Finding American Express® Business Checking was a welcome change for Fontaine, serving as a powerful ally in his professional ventures.


*Membership Rewards® Program – Redeem for Deposits

When you open an American Express® Business Checking Account, you will also receive a Membership Rewards®Account, in which you will earn one Membership Rewards point for every two dollars of eligible Debit Card purchases. Eligible purchases are purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. For more information on eligible purchases, visit You can redeem Membership Rewards points for a deposit into your checking account. Click here to learn what other redemption options may also be available. If you also have a Rewards Account in connection with a Card Account, your Rewards Accounts can be linked, and you will have access to all redemption options offered with that Card Account. For more information, visit

You may redeem Membership Rewards® points for deposits into your American Express® Business Checking Account at the standard rate of 1000 points for an $8 deposit. If you have a Business Platinum Card® and an American Express Business Checking Account linked to the same Membership Rewards Account, you can redeem points for a deposit at a rate of 1000 points for $10 for up to 1,000,000 points per calendar year, after which you may continue to redeem points at the standard rate. There is no minimum number of points needed to use Redeem for Deposits. American Express will deduct the number of points you select from your Membership Rewards Account and deposit a corresponding dollar amount into your checking account. Generally, deposits will post to your account within 48 hours of redemption. For more information, visit

Business Facts

Year Established: 2003

Industry Type: Construction and Remodeling

Location: New Jersey

Number of Employees: 6

Annual Revenue: $3 Million

American Express® Business Line of Credit Customer Since: 2023

American Express® Member Since: 1998

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