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“[Business Line of Credit] is a very valuable tool for us, because it gives us access to capital we wouldn’t otherwise have.”

 Tal Weberg

Real American Express® Business Line of Credit customer who was aware that his testimonial may be featured by American Express.

Heavy lifting: How the American Express® Business Line of Credit helps Seattle Tractor International thrive

In the bustling heart of the Pacific Northwest, entrepreneur Tal Weberg built his family-run supply business from the ground up.

“I’m a production guy,” he says. “But I know the market, I know the people, and I know the right way to work with them.”

With its expansive fleet of used mining and construction equipment, Seattle Tractor International has been providing solutions for a multitude of industries worldwide since its inception in 1998. Weberg – armed with an engineering degree from the Oregon Institute of Technology and having rich experience working with a well-known construction manufacturer – originally launched his enterprise in Washington state. But over time, his venture has grown leaps and bounds.

As Weberg puts it, his business is “capital-intensive.” Machines in his inventory frequently cost between $200,000 and $400,000, and when transactions involve fleets of big mining trucks, the company’s income can soar. Beneath this flourishing exterior is an ever-present challenge: an unpredictable cash flow, which can put his dealership in limbo for several months at a time.

“The problem with our business is there is no consistent cashflow,” he says. “That’s the drama we always deal with. So typically, January through April, revenues are low because our customers, the contractors, don’t really have any work until after the spring. Then they start getting money available to them, and then they can start buying equipment.”

As Weber discovered, the fluctuating nature of the business, marked by seasonally dependent income and cash flow gaps, demanded a flexible, dependable financial solution.

Finding a reliable source of funding, however, was arduous. His initial interactions with traditional banking systems left him with a bitter taste, as they seemed unable to comprehend the unique demands of his business.

This stalemate was broken when he was contacted by an American Express sales representative.

The American Express® Business Line of Credit is a financial solution that provides small business owners flexible access to funds — letting them draw the amount that’s needed when it’s needed. Borrowers can even take out multiple loans at once.  Each loan drawn from the line has its own repayment terms. Depending on eligibility, the borrower can choose between 6-, 12-, or 18-month loan term lengths. There are no pre-payment penalties for any of the term lengths.

Weberg, a loyal American Express member since 1999, saw the credit line’s immense potential. He applied and was promptly approved for an American Express® Business Line of Credit and has used his funds to help purchase equipment, travel to examine assets, and generally maintain operations during the slow months between sales.

The American Express® Business Line of Credit has not only offered Weberg a safety net, he says, it’s also given him a convenient tool that fits perfectly into his business model. “The product is really good for my timetable,” he explains. “I can borrow what I need, sell what I sell, and pay the line back in a month or two.”

“I have the net worth, but it’s in equipment, not cash,” he adds. “That’s where American Express comes in.”

Business Facts

Year Established: 1998

Industry Type: Equipment

Location: Washington

Number of Employees: 3

American Express® Business Line of Credit Customer Since: 2021

American Express® Member Since: 1999

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