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Sarah Kelly

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“After launching, we needed financing for inventory, particularly during quieter months. Now we can devote capital specifically to growth.”

Sarah Kelly

The Flexibility to Grow (and Give Back) with Kabbage

After Sarah Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 — while 32 weeks pregnant — she pivoted from working in technology to pursuing a passion for natural products. She and her sister, Leah Robert, founded SaltyGirl Boutique, an online store that sells organic, sustainable and ethically made products like all-natural lipstick and handmade jewelry. Two years later, Sarah and Leah introduced their own line of natural and organic cosmetics, SaltyGirl Beauty, which is now their top business priority.

As Sarah and Leah have grown the SaltyGirl business, they have been able to give back through a non-profit they started, Foundation4Love. The organization supports individuals and families coping with the stress of a cancer diagnosis by providing escapes such as home-cooked meals, spa days and tickets to baseball games.

Inventory Needs for SaltyGirl Beauty

It was a challenge to access the initial working capital and launch SaltyGirl Beauty. Sarah needed additional financing to stock the new beauty line, even after raising funds from an Indiegogo campaign.

“After launching, we needed financing for inventory, particularly during quieter months,” Sarah says, reflecting on a slower period. “Even though sales were coming in, we didn’t have what we needed at that moment. Now we can devote capital specifically to growth,” she says.

The Kabbage line gives Sarah the financial security and flexibility to expand SaltyGirl Beauty, which now sells eight products in a variety of colors and scents.

Continued Expansion While Supporting Those in Need

For the next 18 months, Sarah will be focused on growing the business and building brand awareness for SaltyGirl Beauty. With help from her line of credit, she plans to sell these products in additional stores and hire a few new employees.

As SaltyGirl continues to grow, Sarah looks forward to continuing giving back — both through Foundation4Love and by connecting local small businesses with other organizations that help those impacted by cancer.

Business Facts

Year established: 2016

Industry: Online retail and beauty

Location: Biddeford, ME

Employees: 2

Branches: 2

Specialties: Makeup and body care

Kabbage customer since: 2017

Growth goal: Hire more employees in the next 18 months

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